About Me:

Thomas started out as a classical musician, playing percussion & drums in orchestras, and later learning the piano and guitar. He performed drums in various Rock, Jazz & Metal bands before learning orchestration and harmony at the Conservatoire.

He occasionally sings and play guitar and percussions in Baile De Vozes, a band dedicated to making people dance with traditional music from around the world.

He also plays and teaches percussion in a Brazilian “bateria” called Los Batukeiros

Thomas is now a working Video Games Composer with knowledge of Unreal Engine’s programming language Blueprint.

Current Projects

Releasing in 2023:

Chants Of Sennaar is an exploration and puzzle game with a hint of infiltration, set in an dreamy, colorful world. The game is set to release in 2023 on PC and Switch.

Art: Julien Moya

– Developed by Rundisc

– Published by Focus Entertainment

released in 2022:

Le Tour Du Monde de Pistile, an educative game for kids that’s designed to teach them the basics of programming, as well as advocating bio-diversity and inclusion. The game is available on PC, Android & iOS.

Artwork by Maud Rabau

The Mixing room. This is also where I write and program virtual instruments parts and game engine integration.

I want to hire you, what are your rates?

About that! I believe in good practices and custom-tailored prices. Making estimates without having basic information about your project is extremely hazardous and we should discuss it together so I can build a viable estimate based on your budget and your needs.

There are things that can drastically increase or decrease the price of custom music (I do not accept exposure as payment, nobody should. But here are a few things you can consider: The most efficient way to reduce the price is to accept that all intellectual rights and royalties should stay with the composer. That way, I can accept to get less money upfront and to be paid according to the commercial success of the project. You will of course keep the right to use the music in your game and promotional material. A reduced number of instruments or a limited number of revisions can also decrease the price.

We should discuss all the possibilities!

I want to know more about your project! Drop me a line through the CONTACT form on the right and we can chat about your project, no strings attached! For a better estimation, feel free to provide the following information:

  • The type of game you’re developing and the engine you’re using
  • The genre(s) of music you require
  • The emotions you want your player to feel
  • How interactive the music should be
  • Any other information you think would be useful for me to understand your artistic vision and ideas regarding, but not limited to, music and sound

What if I don’t have the budget for custom music?

Do not despair! If you really are on a tight budget, I have fully-produced affordable music packs ready for licensing on the Unity Asset Store and Itch.io. Loopable, High-quality files, everything’s ready for integration in Unreal, Unity or any other engine or middleware, for a fraction of the price custom music represents.