About Me:

Me at the controls in Studio Du Bassin during the recording sessions for Chants Of Sennaar.

Thomas started out as a classical musician, playing percussion & drums in orchestras, and later learning the piano and guitar. He performed drums in various Rock, Jazz & Metal bands before learning orchestration and harmony at the Conservatoire.

He occasionally sings, plays irish bouzouki and teaches brazilian percussion.

Thomas is now a working Video Games Composer with knowledge of audio middleware “Wwise” and Unreal Engine’s programming language “Blueprint”. He recently wrote the score to Chants Of Sennaar (Rundisc / Focus Entertainment) releasing in 2023.

Current Projects

Releasing in 2023:

Chants Of Sennaar is an exploration and puzzle game with a hint of infiltration, set in an dreamy, colorful world. The game is set to release in 2023 on PC and Switch. Try the demo on Steam.

– Developed by Rundisc

– Published by Focus Entertainment

Art: Julien Moya

Released in 2022:

Le Tour Du Monde de Pistile, an educative game for kids that’s designed to teach them the basics of programming, as well as advocating bio-diversity and inclusion. The game is available on PC, Android & iOS.

– Developped by Abracodabra

Artwork: Maud Rabau

Recording strings for Chants Of Sennaar in Studio Du Bassin

I want to hire you, what are your rates?

About that! I believe in good practices and custom-tailored prices. Making estimates without having basic information about your project is extremely hazardous and we should discuss it together so I can build a viable estimate based on your budget and your needs.

We should discuss all the possibilities!

I want to know more about your project! Drop me a line through the CONTACT form on the right and we can chat about your project, no strings attached! For a better estimation, feel free to provide the following information:

  • The type of game you’re developing
  • The engine and audio middleware you’re using
  • The genre(s) of music you require
  • The emotions you want your player to feel
  • How interactive the music should be
  • Any other information you think would be useful for me to understand your artistic vision and ideas regarding, but not limited to, music and sound

What if I don’t have the budget for custom music?

Do not despair! If you really are on a tight budget, I have fully-produced affordable music packs ready for licensing on the Unity Asset Store and Itch.io. Loopable, High-quality files, everything’s ready for integration in Unreal, Unity or any other engine or middleware, for a fraction of the price custom music represents.

“Ancient Lands”
“Midgard Under Attack”
“Across The Fields”
“Never Lose Hope”
Pistile OST: “Corail”
Pistile OST: “Jon Trobi Lo Boc”
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